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Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival Competition Entry Guidelines

How to Enter

If you want to be in the running for awards and prize money, you need to register your scarecrow. If not, you can just build your scarecrow and display it for fun.  The more scarecrows the merrier!

You can register your ‘crow through a registration centre (below). Registration will put you in the running for prizes of $100 each for Traditional and Artistic categories and $50 for Children’s category.


‘Crows must be registered by October 7, 2017 to be eligible for judging.

Kenilworth/Carters Ridge/Ridgewood Registration Centre
Kenilworth Information Centre, telephone (07) 5446 0122

Imbil / Brooloo Registration Centre – Mary Valley Traders (Hardware Store)
Mary Valley Traders, Imbil, Jo Robey (07) 5484 5178

Kandanga / Amamoor / Dagun Registration Centre – Kandanga Information Centre
Kandanga Information Centre, telephone (07) 5488 4605 or Lyn Hughes 0409 382868

What to Do

1. Plan what scarecrow you are going to build.

2. Choose the location for your scarecrow. It will be quite acceptable, and even recommended, for several scarecrows to be grouped in a good viewing location.

3. Register your scarecrow with a centre or town contact close to where you live. Forms are available from each town.

4. Receive your laminated registration number to display on your scarecrow.

5. You can optionally write a poem, limerick, or some short story that adds to the character of your scarecrow. Just think about what you want people to think about your scarecrow and attach it to your ’crow.

6. Have your scarecrow in place by the October 21 2016 and place your registration number on the scarecrow.

7. If you are able, take up to 3 photos of the scarecrow in its place to show off your unique design and send them to your registration centre. We would suggest you stand back a bit and take one from the best angle to take in the surrounding scene. Then get closer and take one from the front and perhaps the side. The registration number must be visible in one of the photos.

Registered Scarecrows Will Be:

  • Entered in one of 3 categories; Traditional, Artistic, or Children’s.
  • Displayed on a Google Map (with photo if supplied).
  • Added to Scarecrow Festival Image Gallery at

Scarecrows must be on display by closing date ready for the town judges.

Town judging of scarecrows will present one finalist in each category. Then the valley wide judging will pick the overall winner.

Download Entry Form

Join in the fun and enter the Scarecrow Festival!

Download your entry form and then get on with the fun of making and displaying your 'crow!
Download Entry Form

Judging Guidelines

Guidelines for Judging the Scarecrow Festival

Here are some basic guidelines to help our volunteers categorize entries to make sure everyone has the best chance.

These guidelines can also help judges define their scoring systems and help you choose a category for your ‘crow.

In the past we have given our judges almost total freedom to choose their own criteria with just a small amount of information by us.

Some judges have gone for WOW factor, for others its the story that is being told (so limericks have helped), the construction has been important to some, and for others its the aesthetics of the figure in it’s surroundings.

Most importantly, make it fun!



  • Classic cross frame (does not have to extend arms all the way out)
  • Human clothing – preferably recycled
  • Stuffed with straw, scrunched paper, plastic or feed bags, rags etc.
  • Can be mounted on a floor stand or planted in ground
  • Can include props; on or surrounding it, to present a “theme” (valued)



  • Any traditional characteristics
  • Free form construction and materials
  • Must include a recognizable main character or characters
  • Artistic flair is greatly encouraged



  • Any of the above characteristics
  • Limited to children under the age of 16

Snap a Selfie Competition

Snap a selfie with lots of scarecrows and win $50 in our Facebook comp! You must hashtag #mvscarecrows

You can win $50 by taking a  photo of yourself with as many scarecrows as possible in the Mary Valley between the festival’s chosen dates. Post the selfies on Facebook and hashtag #mvscarecrows

Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival will share the selfies to our Facebook page, and the entrant with the most photos with different scarecrows is the winner and collects $50.

  • Take a photo of yourself with as many scarecrows as possible in the Mary Valley between festival dates this year.
  • Post the selfies on Facebook and hashtag #mvscarecrows
  • Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival Facebook will share the selfies to its page.
  • Entrant with the most photos with different scarecrows is the winner and collects $50. NB In the event of a tie, the decision is made at the discretion of the scarecrow committee.

Good Luck!